Asirvia GO – Broadcast Your Business On The GO!


Asirvia GO automatically Promotes Your Business And Attracts NEW Customers. Asirvia GO works for you 24/7 and doesn’t expect overtime or need rest!

  • Does approaching people you don’t know about business make you cringe?
  • What if you didn’t have to approach strangers in public but maybe even have them come to ask you?
  • What if people saw your message and their curiosity got the better of them and they clicked to check out your web site?

Let Asirvia GO do the sales approach for you!

For example, I have a unit on my keychain that broadcasts the message: Have we met? Come say hello. I’m Denise and I’m near you! The message can be that simple or something like: Market your business while you walk the dog! If they click the message, it goes to my Asirvia Go site.

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