The Power of Social Networking

Social networking has become so mainstream that the big boys are getting involved.

Take a look at this article about their activities on Facebook for marketing purposes. Even they have noted that you need to be less “in your face” to win over your customer.

I hope they are successful.

I would much rather my teens drink milk than beer!

“Great people construct monuments with the stones their critics throw at them”
-Robin Sharma: The Leader Who Had No Title

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Interesting. I’ll bet you thought this was a discussion about religion.

In many of the different courses and programs that I have been a part of, faith is a core component. Faith in a supreme being, for us Catholics, I’ll say God, is definitely beneficial but that’s not what this is about.

When we get out of the bed in the morning, we have a big choice to make. We can choose to have a good day bad or a bad one.

Picture of a sunset with quote.

We usually make that choice based on what we see in front of us. For example, the alarm didn’t go off and it’s brighter outside than it should be. We’re late. We can’t control the fact that the alarm didn’t go off and we can’t roll back the clock. What we CAN do is decide how that is going to affect us. This decision is totally based on faith.

We either have blind faith that this will be a lousy day or we have faith that we can make this into a good day. The first choice gives control away and the second allows us to maintain some degree of control over our life. If we have faith that we can turn the day around, guess what? It usually does!

Faith. Without any, it’s a lousy day.

Have faith in yourself and those around you and the universe will respond in a positive way.

Have a great day!


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The Leader Who Had No Title

I was looking for a totally different book that turned out to be unavailable at “The World’s Biggest Book Store” in Toronto last week when I came across this book.

Randy Taylor had mentioned Robin Sharma during a session I did with him a few years ago. I thought “what the heck”, any self development books have something to offer and picked up “The Leader Who Had No Title”. The message in this book is extremely import for anyone, not just people in business. This book is about living your life.

I highly recommend taking the time to read this book!

So often I hear that I don’t have time to read. Do you realize that if you were to read 10 pages of a good book every day, you would read 15 – 20 books per year? I’m just sayin’……


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Five months ago today….

My life changed forever.

My son Brett passed away after fighting Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma (Cancer) for almost two years.

Before cancer struck, he was in the best shape of his life. He was on track to become a policeman, a competitive weight lifter (we didn’t know that until after!).  He is the father of a five year old little angel. The last words out of Brett’s mouth were “Amiya, Amiya”.

This took us on a heck of a ride in this experience we call life.

Brett was actually my step son. I hate that term. He was with me since he was two years old. I had met an amazing woman with two great kids. I fell in love with all of them, not just Denise.

In the last days of Brett’s life, the two families shared many tears and became friends through one of the worst times of their lives. Even in death, Brett managed to make good things happen!

He told Denise many times that “life will go on after I’m gone”. We didn’t feel like it at the time but we work at it every day. We have a grand daughter that still needs us and three other wonderful children that are just beginning their adult lives. What an amazing experience to watch your children spread their wings!

Brett would be proud of his siblings!

Scott is “finding himself” through much more positive experiences. He has spent time in Quebec where he learned some French, that was his goal there and is now going to Jasper, Alberta before he goes back to school.

Ashley is out in Calgary again before she goes back to school. I think we’ve lost her to the west!

Dana has moved to Hamilton because she found a teaching job in Burlington. She worked really hard over the last few years and we’re so happy that she found something in her chosen profession. I know she will be one of the “cool” teachers!

Denise is continuing to grow her Pre-Paid Legal business while she works at a Montessori school and manages to be there as always for the rest of us.

Me? Still commuting to Toronto every day but also starting to work on developing a consulting business for small business entrepreneurs. A friend is starting a seminar business aimed at startups and we have discovered that I can contribute by offering services to get their web presence started.

Every day, we still keep waiting for Brett to come around the corner.

Every day we miss him.

Every day we are thankful that we had Brett for 24 years before God took him home.

Every day we thank God for our family and pray that He is watching over Brett until we get there.

In the end, Brett was absolutely right. Life goes on.

But we still miss him!


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Canadians not calling in sick when bugs bite

There was an article in todays (March 7, 2010) 24HR in Toronto ( that discusses the fact that many Canadians are reluctant to call in sick because they feel responsible. It infers that we are so dedicated to our jobs that we feel we are letting others down.

I don’t want to take away from that but I would love to know how the question was asked!

Many people I know today are working on contract and don’t get paid to take the day off.  I suspect that some employers make a habit of using “self employed” people to keep up their workforce numbers.

I don’t know many people in that position that can afford to take time off sick!

I’m just sayin’…


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