Denise Clermont: Summary of business offerings and who is an ideal client.

Denise Clermont is someone who believes that it’s up to us to take action to empower ourselves in today’s world. Whether it’s through products and services you might otherwise never know about or you are looking for an opportunity to help others. See below to learn about of some of the tools she provides.

Denise Clermont


The LegalShield mission is to provide EQUAL ACCESS to the LIBERTY, EQUALITY, OPPORTUNITY & JUSTICE that every North American deserves and expects.

Denise Clermont is an independent associate with LegalShield. Her ideal client is someone who believes in being empowered in their day to day life. For example, imagine dealing with your wireless service provider and believing you need to “eat” a $200 charge because it’s just to expensive to call and have a lawyer deal with it.

In Denise’s case, she called her legal service provider and they offered to write a letter that resulted in a refund and letter of apology from the service provider at no extra cost for Denise other than her regular monthly membership.

If you know anyone who believes in knowing their rights and being empowered to act on them, please ask them to Denise’s site at


VOXXLIFE is a privately held technology company devoted to drug-free wellness, optimal health and improved human performance.

An ideal client might be a diabetic who always has sore feet. There are drugs that may help but there is an alternative that might work for them with no drugs! Try the wellness socks and you may be able to eliminate one of your pills. Keep in mind, we all react differently and this may not work for you. But, what if it does?!

Do you know anyone that might appreciate some pain relief? Have them visit and go to products.