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To check out what users think of the various Pentax cameras and lenses you can use, include third party lenses, I like to use Pentax Forums.

I shoot mainly Pentax K-1ii but like my K-5iis for birding. Shooting Pentax requires a little more skill because I’ll admit the auto-focus isn’t the best for birding. But when it comes to landscape and cityscape, I love the resolution, colour depth and ISO capabilities of my cameras.

Admittedly the K-S1 is for my wife because it’s the lightest I could find that would still be great for her! She shoots full auto and doesn’t mind using this camera. I picked up a Tamron 18-250mm that is always on and doesn’t limit her.


Under Construction

For K-1ii (Full Frame)


For K-5iis and/or K-S1 (APC-C/Crop)

Barry Clermont