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Mortgage Risk: Could you end up house poor?

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What is your mortgage risk? With such low interest rates these days, people may be buying into being house poor in the long term. Don’t risk being caught short. Mortgage Risk (Mortgage calculations tested using TD Bank online calculator) Shopping for a home and mortgage is almost like playing the stock market only it’s an …

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Financial Planning or Life Planning? Shouldn’t they go together?

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Why isn’t financial planning part of our educational core curriculum?  I remember my children carrying an egg around in high school to try and teach the fragility of caring for a child.  Because my kids were in a Catholic high school, they were taught the basic tenets of our faith.  They were taught English, math …

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KYC – Finger Lickin Good!

No, it’s not about chicken! Knowing and understanding your clients’ needs is crucial to providing excellent customer service and increases your retention.  This applies to all businesses.  We sometimes forget that.  I’ll use finance to explain and wrap it up for you at the end. KYC = Know Your Client.  If you haven’t done one …

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