Transferable Skills: Do you underestimate yourself?

We tend to underestimate our transferable skills. Know what your skills are and how you might be able to apply them differently. Transferable Skills Throughout our lifetime, we learn transferable skills. Educational institutions teach us how to add and subtract and conjugate verbs. Over time, life adds to these basics and Continue Reading

Net Geners Have Grown Up Digital. Do You Hear Them?

Net Geners communicate differently than previous generations and are today’s parents. They don’t use phones and television the way we used to. Get with “The Program”! The Net Generation Did you know that there are now more Net Geners than Baby Boomers? The Net Geners, Grown Up Digital generation, have Continue Reading

Is Private Education Risky Business?

Private Education and Managing Risk People tend to forget the differences between public education and private education and are not aware of the risk when you give your money to a private institution. The key difference is that private education is a business, not a public service. As a business, private Continue Reading

How Entrepreneurial Minds Are Changing The Workplace

Our educational system today is creating employees and business owners with entrepreneurial minds. For those who become business owners, this is absolutely necessary. How does or should this change the workplace dynamic?  What is an entrepreneurial mind? Entrepreneurial minded people are those who are focused on: finding opportunities. identifying and Continue Reading

Does your child have special education needs?

I was listening to an interesting conversation about special education in Ontario on CBC Radio and hearing a lot of frustration with accessing resources. How can you access the resources your child needs? Let’s look at what special education means, who is involved and then how to access resources. Special Continue Reading

Barry Clermont