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You don’t think you have estate issues?!


Robin Williams has estate issues that are causing family division. Your stuff probably means more to your family. Have you addressed specifics in your will? Your will is included in your #LegalSavingsPlan. Make sure you get it done! What Can You Do To Minimize Estate Issues? You have nothing to leave? Don’t bet on it. The …

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What do you mean my family has to wait for money from my life insurance?!

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Did you know that if you don’t name a beneficiary on your life insurance policy, your family might not have access to those funds for months or even years?  The funds will be added to your estate and governed by your will.  You don’t have a will?  That’s a discussion for another day. Make sure …

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Why you need an estate plan

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Estate planning might sound like a tool for the wealthy. But the truth is, just about everybody has an estate. Most of us need a plan to ensure it is properly distributed to family and other beneficiaries when we die. For financial planning purposes, your estate isn’t a mansion or a huge tract of land. …

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