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Suicide Is So Selfish! Isn’t It?


Suicide Is So Selfish! Suicide seems to be in the news so much these days and I have to admit there was a time when I considered suicide an extremely selfish act. The loved ones of the person who passed are usually devastated and they have no idea why that person did this to them. …

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Problems or Promise, what do you see?

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Sometimes, problems can overshadow promise or hope. How you approach them makes all the difference. What will you choose? PROBLEMS There is no way we can list and address all of the potential problems that exist but let’s note some for perspective. There always seems to be more month left at the end of the …

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Little Faith/Big God

My UFC (Up Front Contract) today is that this discussion will involve God, how faith affects your life and how it also affects your business. On Sunday, April 1, 2012 I attended Connexus and listened to a presentation by Carey Nieuwhof.  This was part 2 of Little Faith/Big God. So many deny faith that I …

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22 Years Ago Today

I married the girl of my dreams. I went on a blind date in late 1988 and married her March 31, 1990! Actually, I married three people that day.  She had two young children that were amazing and I fell in love with them all.       And then two became four……     …

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“I Have A Dream”

A famous man once said “I have a dream….” When we hear someone say that now, we often criticize them for being dreamers.  Is that fair?  Someone has a thought one day that leads to a dream and we try to kill it? A thought is like a seed.  It germinates over time and grows …

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