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Identity Theft: Is It Part Of Your Risk Management Plan?

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Identity theft is no longer if but when. What do you do when it happens to you? Identity Theft: What is it? Identity theft is much more than someone using your credit card number, hacking your Paypal account or bank account. Identity Theft is a major area that should be considered when you are addressing …

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Be Quiet! Do you know what time it is?

Do you know what time your local by-laws say you have to be quiet? Most municipalities have by-laws that govern noise levels. What do you do if your neighbours complain? Be Quiet! We can all agree that we deserve the right to peace and quiet in our homes. There is a saying “Good fences make …

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Carding in Toronto: What should you do if it happens to you?

We know who you are!

Have you heard about carding in Toronto? If you think it’s likely to happen to you or someone in your family, you need a #LegalSavingsPlan. Carding Carding is an action taken when a Constable On Patrol (just in case you ever wondered what COP stands for) stops you on the street and questions you. Information about you …

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What is a legal emergency?

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Any time we are faced with a legal issue, it feels like a legal emergency. What is truly an emergency and what do you do about it? Legal Emergencies Here are five examples of legal emergencies: Children’s aid comes for your children or children in your care. Any time of day. You are stopped by …

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They’re trying to shut down your daycare. What do you do?

Parent with kids in tow.

There have been changes to laws governing daycare.  Do you know how they affect you?  Unlicensed home day care in particular is under attack these days.  Your #LegalSavingsPlan can save you a lot of time, stress and money. What are the legal risks? Legislative changes. Numbers and timing. False allegations. Liabilities. Laws are constantly changing …

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Doobie Doobie Do! Or Not?

Picture of police man with arm raised to stop.

I’m not even sure if they still call them a doobie these days.  I was a teenager in the 1970’s and it wasn’t uncommon for my friends to light one up.  Do you believe the consumption of  marijuana should be legalized? Before I get started here, let’s clarify that this isn’t my opinion as opposed …

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Going to the dogs!

What is it with people these days? There was an article in the Toronto Star yesterday about a boy and his dog.  Apparently the two dogs had issues and now the owners of the truly offending dog are upset and expect the boy to pay their vet bill. These are animals that have very natural behaviours. …

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