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Deficits And Work Life Balance

There's no such thing as work life balance

Deficits are often used to get us through challenging times. We run time deficits to achieve work and life balance. What does balance mean to you? Deficits Money Energy Time There are never enough hours in the day. We steal time from family for work. We built bigger cities to achieve economy of scale. Now …

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Who Do You Compare Yourself To?

Never compare yourself to someone else. They’re not you. Compare yourself to the old you and measure against that. How Do You Compare? Imagine that a new person comes to work in your office. They bring a fresh perspective and come from a different background. People start to rave about the things this person can …

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Wasting time. What does that mean, really?

You are not wasting your time when you spend it wisely.  Even when you do it slowly. I have to thank my friend Dave Korotkov for posting a TED Talk by Carl Honore entitled “In Praise of Slowness”.  This is a great talk about the importance of slowing down to get more out of life.  Yes, …

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