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Mortgage Rules in Canada Changing Again!

Mortgage, this word strikes fear in the hearts of Canadians! Do you understand how the upcoming changes will affect you? Mortgage Renewal In past, there wasn’t really much of an effect. It’s likely most institutions would consider you as a client without too much hassle. Not any more. Your mortgage provider may have a lock …

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Mortgage Risk: Could you end up house poor?

Dream home

What is your mortgage risk? With such low interest rates these days, people may be buying into being house poor in the long term. Don’t risk being caught short. Mortgage Risk (Mortgage calculations tested using TD Bank online calculator) Shopping for a home and mortgage is almost like playing the stock market only it’s an …

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Mortgage Insurance: How much of a gambler are you?

House in hands.

Mortgage insurance is offered by most financial institutions every time you renew your mortgage. Many have no guarantee it will pay out until they do the under-writing after you die. How much of a gambler are you?  Mortgage Insurance v Life Insurance Mortgage Insurance When you apply for a mortgage, most financial institutions will ask if you …

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