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Identity Theft: Is It Part Of Your Risk Management Plan?

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Identity theft is no longer if but when. What do you do when it happens to you? Identity Theft: What is it? Identity theft is much more than someone using your credit card number, hacking your Paypal account or bank account. Identity Theft is a major area that should be considered when you are addressing …

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Mortgage Risk: Could you end up house poor?

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What is your mortgage risk? With such low interest rates these days, people may be buying into being house poor in the long term. Don’t risk being caught short. Mortgage Risk (Mortgage calculations tested using TD Bank online calculator) Shopping for a home and mortgage is almost like playing the stock market only it’s an …

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Is Private Education Risky Business?

Private Education and Managing Risk People tend to forget the differences between public education and private education and are not aware of the risk when you give your money to a private institution. The key difference is that private education is a business, not a public service. As a business, private carries all the risks of …

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Parenting: Helicopter Parent or Free Range?

Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart. Now they have categories for parents. Are you a Helicopter or a Free Range parent? There is no right or wrong. We make it up as we go! What is a helicopter parent? Think about a helicopter and what it can do. A helicopter hovers in the air …

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