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Jan 03

Fake it until you become it.

Fake it until you become it. Confidence isn’t something you are born with. It’s a learned behaviour. What are you willing to do to become more confident and successful? Confidence Confidence is the feeling that you can do something well or succeed at something. I have confidence that I can run my own business. I …

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May 30

Success comes at your own pace.

I walk slowly but I never walk backward.

Success is different for everyone. First, you define what success is for you. Then, you set your own pace. Fast or slow, it’s up to you.   What is success? For some people, success is having a good job, a home and a family. For others, it could be a business generating a few hundred …

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Oct 10

Five reasons you need to teach your kids how to fail.

You need to teach your kids to fail: to learn how to learn. to learn how to find alternative solutions. to develop confidence. to find success. to be good parents and teachers.   Learn by failing. Every time we try something new and have immediate success, we get more comfortable and less likely to stretch ourselves. …

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