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10 Times You Can Use Your #LegalSavingsPlan

Your #LegalSavingsPlan is worth far more than “the cost of admission”. What is a #LegalSavingsPlan? A Legal Savings Plan provides access to top law firms in your state or province and gives you the power to protect your rights. You have a law firm, not just a lawyer, to watch your back and guide you …

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Mortgage Insurance: How much of a gambler are you?

House in hands.

Mortgage insurance is offered by most financial institutions every time you renew your mortgage. Many have no guarantee it will pay out until they do the under-writing after you die. How much of a gambler are you?  Mortgage Insurance v Life Insurance Mortgage Insurance When you apply for a mortgage, most financial institutions will ask if you …

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What Does A Will Cost?

My last will...

A typical will may cost you a few hundred dollars. Not having a will could cost your family a lot more. Do you care enough to write your last love letter? Will Cost Your will and powers of attorney are your last chance to tell everyone what you want to happen with your possessions and money. …

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Will you or won’t you?

Your Will is your last love letter to your family.  Do you care about your family? Will you leave that last letter or won’t you? During the winter, we (North Americans) do a lot more travelling than usual.  We often hear about accidents on the highways due to weather, frequently with tragic results. This makes me think it’s …

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You don’t think you have estate issues?!


Robin Williams has estate issues that are causing family division. Your stuff probably means more to your family. Have you addressed specifics in your will? Your will is included in your #LegalSavingsPlan. Make sure you get it done! What Can You Do To Minimize Estate Issues? You have nothing to leave? Don’t bet on it. The …

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Do you have a living will?

Balance scale #LegalSavingsPlan

We should all have a “living will” or power of attorney that leaves directions for medical care, and a power of attorney for financial decisions. This is the best way to ensure your family and medical caregivers really understand what you when when you can’t speak for yourself. Living Will A living will tells your …

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Why you need an estate plan

Advisor shaking hands with client

Estate planning might sound like a tool for the wealthy. But the truth is, just about everybody has an estate. Most of us need a plan to ensure it is properly distributed to family and other beneficiaries when we die. For financial planning purposes, your estate isn’t a mansion or a huge tract of land. …

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