Free tools and resources for the Small to Medium Business (SMB) market.

The links on this page are to free tools that I find useful for things like photo release contracts and various marketing tools and graphic design tools. Anything here is free to use as of the time of this page being created. Please make sure you check the page in case that may have changed.


I love this new tool from #LegalShield! Shake is a free app for your smartphone that can also be accessed via computer. My favourite contract template is the photo release. Especially useful if you plan to use pictures that have people in it. You can create the contract on the spot with just a couple of entries and have the person sign with their finger! Click here to try a Shake.


Do you “Like” and “Share” on Facebook? You can fill your funnel just doing what you do anyway. Any time someone signs up for this free system, you get their contact information with the full knowledge that they are interested in making more money. There is a auto responder built in that you can use to reach out to these new contacts. Yes, there is an opportunity to make additional money. Click here to check out the Facebook Funnel System.


Free tool to manage your social media posts. Do you work somewhere that you don’t have the ability to post to social media when you want to? With Hootsuite, you can schedule your posts to most of your social media accounts and access your streams from one window.

Click here to check out Hootsuite.


Peace and ReconciliationFree tool to create graphics like this to use in your social media posts. Either use the free graphics included, there are some additional at $1 each or you can upload and use your own. (Use the Shake app if there are people in the photos or you are using someone else’s and want to be sure you are legal.)

Click here to check out Canva!



Be the positive energy in the room!Mostly free graphics, open license, for you to use commercially or personally. Click to expand the thumbnail on the left for a graphic from Pixabay that was uploaded to Canva to create a picture for posting to social media.

Click here to go to Pixabay!





Free tool to check for licensing status of an image. Have you ever found a graphic you wanted to use but were afraid you may infringe on copyright? Upload the image to Tin Eye for verification. Keep in mind it’s not 100% but pretty darn good. It will show where the image has appeared before and through there you can check to see if there are references to the original producer.

Click here to check out Tin Eye.


barryclermont.comFree tool to create a logo for your blog, website or business. I created the logo at the left using this tool. When I create a graphic for social media posting, I often embed the logo in the corner with text to my website or blog.

Click here to check out Online Logomaker!

If you have suggestions for tools to add to this list, please feel free to use the comments section.

Make it a great day!