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And then conquer it.

Starting a business or asking your boss for a raise are a couple of examples of fears that we may face. It could just as easily be a difficult conversation with an associate or family member.

Don’t deny the fear. It’s real. Feel it and then face it head on. Look the object of your fear directly in the face and you will soon discover that although the fear is very real and very scary, you can’t just turn away and hope it will move past you. Fear is like the bullies in your life. It will taunt you every day until one day you just have had enough and wrestle that fear to the ground.

Ever notice that when you take a bully on, they usually turn and run? Or they actually end up becoming your friend?

Facing your fear will not always feel good or necessarily end up with the outcome you hoped for but in the end, there will be a clear resolution and you can move on.

Don’t get stuck. Feel the fear, face it and then move on.

For all of the scary stuff out there, there is something much more wonderful just the other side!

Have a great day,


Things I’m thankful for today: I woke up this morning! I have a great family. I have the power to make my destiny.
What are you thankful for today?

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