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I experienced three Freds today!

We work in a building that is currently under construction. They are renovating 5 floors for new tenants and this has caused a lot of disruption in the work place.

Most recently, the elevators were not working properly most of the day. This required the security guard to serve double duty as an elevator attendant. He was very apologetic and went well above and beyond in moving people up and down 11 stories listening to our grumbling all day!

Fred number 1 is the security guard. He always practices The Fred Factor. Fred number 2 is a mystery person. Someone from the building management team took the initiative to have muffins, coffee and fruit in the lobby for us this morning as we arrived and the building manager himself was serving along with apologies for yesterday. Fred number 3 is a person from the Minister’s office who took the initiative to approach the building manager to ensure that the security guard and cleaning lady who service us were looked after for breakfast as well.

Three Freds in one day, what a great day this is going to be!

Have you seen any Freds today?


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful the sun is shining. I’m thankful for the wonderful people who look after our needs throughout the day. I thank God I’m here to experience all these Freds!

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