How safe is your critical data?

With GotBackup, your data is always accessible when and where you need it.


Is Your Data Really Safe?

When was your last full backup? Most of us have the bad habit of not backing up until we face our first disaster. Then we become complacent and stop backing up religiously. For those who are actually good at keeping a backup, what are the most common devices or methods?

  • GotBackupbanner_523External Hard Drive
  • Jump Drive (USB stick)
  • Copied to another computer in the house or office.
  • Backed up to the “cloud”.

These are all great options but what happens if the office or home burns down with all your devices inside? I don’t know how many times I have seen someone using an external hard drive that leaves it in their office or conversely leaves it at home.

When a thief breaks into your home or office, that’s one of the first things they will want to take. Your data is worth more than the technology itself. External hard drives and jump drives fit in your pocket and are easy to walk away with. Other computers are a little more cumbersome but can also be picked up and taken away.

Can You Re-create Your Precious Photos?

Many “cloud” solutions today are expensive and based on the space you use. This often results in scanning your special photos to lower resolutions and they can’t be reproduced for hanging on the wall because they don’t print clearly.

Here is a photo at full resolution and then optimized for web sites. They appear the same but if you try to print them at the same size as the original, the web photo will be very blurry. Notice that when you click on them, they are different sizes. Is that what you want if you ever have to re-create your photo gallery for the wall in your home?

Photo of my wife.
Higher resolution.
Photo of my wife.
Lower resolution for web.


Got Backup

This robust backup solution happens in the background and has unlimited space. Back up your pictures in full resolution so that you can print them later.

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