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I took my grand daughter to see the Smurfs movie yesterday.  I can’t believe it almost made me cry.

Remember previously I had talked about our filters?  This is a great example.  I didn’t realize right away why I was so sensitive to the movie until I thought about what was happening in the scene and where I was at the time.  The scene was one that emphasized our ability to step up to the plate when we need to.  In this case, becoming a father and how our love just seems to grow with every child.

What I was reacting to was the fact that my son had done that.  His daughter was a surprise and he had stepped to the plate better than many older fathers I have met.  He was one of the best Dads I have ever met.  The reason for my reaction was that I was resenting God taking him away and that my son should be the one taking my grand daughter to this movie.

I put the stuff I had been reading in “Awaken The Giant Within” to work and immediately changed my perspective to acknowledge that at least God gave him the time to get to know his daughter and for her to know him.  He was a great man that managed to teach his daughter what to expect from a man before he left this earth.

I chose to acknowledge that I missed him and resent losing him but also to honour his memory by holding onto the blessing that he was in my life.  He actually taught me and the rest of the family about the value of life and how dear our time is on this earth.

There is not enough time on this earth to waste resenting anyone or anything.  Life is an adventure full of lessons along the way.  Find the lesson and move on.

I Smurf You!


P.S.  What an I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for the wonderful weather this weekend.  I’m thankful to be blessed with such a wonderful family.  I’m thankful my parents taught me to love life!

What are you thankful for today?

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