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It’s very upsetting for those close to this disaster. Many have been hurt or killed by this natural phenomenon and there are still worries about the nuclear reactor. I would certainly understand the fear and anger.

What happens when we face the fear head on and look past it to opportunity?

Historically, after a major catastrophy or war like the Second World War, there is a period of rejunevation. Germany and Japan suffered a lot of damage during that period. They are now very powerful economies. The current fear is evidenced by the fear we are seeing in the markets as a result of the situation this week in Japan.

Now that people are starting to see past the fear, the markets are starting to respond in a positive manner and people are starting to organize for the recovery phaze. I’m sure the fear will come and go over the next while and things will settle down again.

Once we get through this period, I wouldn’t be surprised if Japan went through another period of growth.

Think about this. How often do we experience a personal disaster and go through a time where we just can’t see anything positive coming from what has happened to us?

As with Japan, what happens after the disaster is totally up to us.

Japan will get back up on its feet and people will step up to the plate for Japan and help make the country safe and habitable again; just as those around you will provide encouragement and support for you in a time of need if you let them.

What will your choice be? Are you going to get back up on your feet and ask for help if you need it?

If you need a little push up the hill, swallow a little pride and just ask.

Frankly, people love to help by nature. It makes them feel good! Beats drugs or booze any time.

Have a great day!


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