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I know nothing about heaven but what the bible and the Catholic Church tells us but this song gives me a certain peace as the February blahs set in and I find myself missing some of the people I have lost in the last few years.

Knowing What I Know About Heaven

Someone posted this on  Facebook recently and I just found this song by Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling to be very soothing for the soul.

I consider myself a pretty good Catholic and to have a fairly strong faith. That doesn’t mean I never question. There are days when I ask myself how God could take my son at the age of 23 or even my mother at 67.

In 2010, my mother had a fall that lead to my father having a stroke. Mom was a day from coming home from rehab when she had a heart attack. They decided to do emergency surgery. She never came out of a coma and passed away three months before my son who was fighting cancer at that time. I have to say, it was certainly a test of my faith.

Knowing what I know about heaven gives me strength on those days when I feel sorry for myself and find myself missing those who have gone before us.

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Getting Through, Not Over

People sometimes ask how you get over losing a child. The reality is you don’t. The pain is something that raises it’s head on occasion. The key is to recognize that it’s OK to hurt. It’s natural and denying the pain just makes things worse for you and the people around you.

Brett in Heaven November 26, 1986 - October 10, 2010

We are all different but I find music works to change my mood when I get into a funk. Songs like What I Know About Heaven are particularly helpful when I’m missing someone. They may cause a little short term pain but I find they lead to relief. Kind of like a deep tissue massage. The pain hurts when they are pressing on it but the relief after is so worth it.

The last couple of months before my son died, I started a memorial web site. Click the photo to see the result. It was almost like therapy. Because the focus was on how great he was and the joy he brought, it helped manage the pain of knowing we were going to lose him.

Sometimes it’s ironic how the world works. When my mother passed away, I was going through some of her things and came across a poem my grandfather had sent my grandmother during the Second World War. It was called A Child of Mine. I’ll tell you the floodgates opened but because of my faith, it gave me peace.

Stop trying to “get over it” and focus on getting through it. Find whatever it is that works for you. It may be soft music and a dark room, a long drive or a workout at the gym. Whatever it is that works for you except booze or drugs, do it.

If you found this blog helpful then I achieved my goal and thank you for taking the time to read. Please feel free to share with anyone you think might benefit.

Make it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for avenues to express myself. I’m thankful for a wonderful, supportive family. I’m thankful for my faith.

What are you thankful for today?

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