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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): Why You Need to Love the “Onesie, Twosies”!


“Onesie, Twosies” are critical for the success of your MLM business. This is where the bulk of your numbers will come from. MLM and the Numbers As with any type of sales organization, successful sales strategies are all about the numbers. You need to fill the funnel to get results. How do you do that? …

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MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Credibility


MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies today have more credibility than most “legitimate” businesses. Compared to when I started working, loyalty of “legitimate business” to employees is rare and full time employment with a living wage is almost non-existent. The problem is that MLM associates allow themselves to go on the defensive and feed the myth that having …

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Attraction Marketing: How attractive are you?

Attraction marketing is the ability to give off “vibes” that draw people to you and your product offering. People want to be known to be connected to you. How attractive are you? Attraction Marketing We are in a different world today. In past, you could get away with knocking on doors and just letting people …

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Free eBook

Free eBooks downloaded from this site, using the links below, are free for your personal use and are not for re-distribution. Because this process us automated, you will need to check your spam folder for the confirmation emails.  To avoid this in future, add the email address to your “not junk mail” list. The first …

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Is this a pyramid scheme?

Half the people that ask that question have never experienced a true pyramid scheme. I remember them from the 70’s. People would take $500 who would then take $500 and so on.  This would go down so many levels and the people at the top got their cash and ran.   No one ever received …

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