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“Onesie, Twosies” are critical for the success of your MLM business. This is where the bulk of your numbers will come from.

MLM and the Numbers


As with any type of sales organization, successful sales strategies are all about the numbers. You need to fill the funnel to get results. How do you do that? By sharing. Tell stories that resonate with people so that they will want to know more about your product or service and maybe even join you in your business.

The more people you get into the funnel, the more opportunity you have to find the “onesies and twosies” that may be interested. Who knows? You might even stumble upon a superstar along the way.

Love the “Onsie, Twosies”!

Many of us get caught up in finding superstars to work with us. Be careful, you could miss the forest for the trees! Your next superstar may be the person you meet that is currently involved in another MLM opportunity that is only producing one or two sales a month. Worse yet, these future stars may already be in your organization and you are ignoring them because they are a “onsie, twosie”.

There are two key reasons not to ignore these people.

  1. Treat them poorly and they will take a lot of your organization out.
  2. This is were the bulk of your sales and recruits come from.

Finding Their Stride

Everyone finds their own stride in MLM or any business. Yes, we all have “systems” that should work for everyone. Eventually. The challenge for many is finding what fits and how to make that work for them. This is a people business and, as challenging as it is, we are people. That means we carry baggage from the past and the feelings that go with that.

Your job is to help them identify what they can make work for them. That may mean you have some things to learn before you can help them. For example, your recruit may have a greater technology expertise than you and want to incorporate those skills into their marketing strategies.

Rather than insisting this is a “belly to belly business”, take the time to understand that you actually both agree and help your recruit to develop a strategy they can be comfortable with that results in meetings with actual people and sales. By the way, you may need to understand that “belly to belly” should translate to “face to face” and that doesn’t necessarily mean in physical proximity. We are in a global community today. Learn to communicate in a way that people understand.

Who knows? Your recruit may actually teach you something, if you let them.

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Why You Need “Onsie, Twosies”.

Very few associates are likely to produce high numbers on a consistent basis. Yes, we all need at least three across and we will find them over time. In the meantime, most will produce next to nothing, many may produce one or two a month. This is just a reality in sales, whether MLM or otherwise.

If you need 25 points in a month, and you are not doing all the sales yourself, it’s most likely that one or two might produce 5-10 and you can only hope that 10-15 others might produce one or two. That means “onsie, twosies” can make or break you!

It’s very tempting to turn your focus to “the producers”. Be careful how you define “producers”! Remember to be inclusive with regard to your “onsie, twosies”. First, one of them may be your developing superstar. Second, you need the numbers to fill the funnel.

Can you demonstrate leadership by letting your recruits teach you what you need in order for you to teach them?

Make it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for my GVO tools. I’m thankful for true leadership. I’m thankful for people willing to “listen” to my rambling.

What are you thankful for today?

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