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Happiness Comes Before Success

Happiness is actually the precursor to success, not the result. HAPPINESS You can choose to have happiness. Yes, just choose! To be honest, I’m feeling lazy today and came across a great video by Jeff Olson. I have had the pleasure of spending time with him with a beer by the pool! Very smart guy …

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LegalShield Testimonial: Wireless Service Provider

My son got a cell phone for his 16th birthday. He was told he had unlimited texting. No one explained the difference between texting and MMS. This was 9 years ago and that was all new. When his first bill came in, there were charges for $168 worth of messages! My wife was on the …

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LegalShield Testimonial: Power of Attorney

Having been named Power of Attorney for both my mother and father, I was in a dilemma when Dad had a major stroke and really couldn’t be reasonably expected to make decisions and Mom was in a coma. I was being asked to make a decision about taking my mother off life support. Dad was …

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LegalShield Testimonial: Can I use my membership for a medical question?

My wife was with my son after surgery while I was home with the other kids. My son had just had a lung removed and was in extreme pain. We suspected a possible blood clot in his legs after surgery. It was Saturday on a holiday weekend in May and there was only skeleton staff. …

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LegalShield App on Blackberry!

Picture of Q10

I was never more disappointed when I found out that there wasn’t a LegalShield App available for the Blackberry. Thank God Blackberry comes through!!!! LegalShield App First, let me tell you why having that app on my Blackberry is so important. With the LegalShield App, I have one button access to reach my legal services …

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Little Faith/Big God

My UFC (Up Front Contract) today is that this discussion will involve God, how faith affects your life and how it also affects your business. On Sunday, April 1, 2012 I attended Connexus and listened to a presentation by Carey Nieuwhof.  This was part 2 of Little Faith/Big God. So many deny faith that I …

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Is this a pyramid scheme?

Half the people that ask that question have never experienced a true pyramid scheme. I remember them from the 70’s. People would take $500 who would then take $500 and so on.  This would go down so many levels and the people at the top got their cash and ran.   No one ever received …

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Legitimate Business

It’s so frustrating when people have such closed minds. If you say MLM or Network Marketing, the walls go up.  Yet, you say Avon or Mary Kay and they open the door! Why is that?  Mary Kay is a great MLM.  So is Avon or Aloette.  Yet people assume the worst. I love this video. …

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