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There’s no going back to the way things were before COVID-19 and I’m happy about that! Are you?

How Come There’s No Going Back?!

office workerThere’s no going back because the world has changed. We have discovered different ways of doing things and it has helped us understand there’s no good reason to go back. What has changed?

  • People have re-connected with nature
  • We have figured how to make tele-working work
  • Employers finally understand not everything needs to happen in the office
  • Most of all, families appreciate each other more than ever

Yes, there are some who just can’t function remotely. In some cases, it has more to do with their particular situation and how they see the world. For many, the rest of us need them to be there in operating rooms and grocery stores (among others) to look after some of our basic needs. Let’s be sure to respect individuality. For my sanity, there’s no going back but it’s not the same for everyone.

Regardless of individual situations, the world has changed and will never be the same again. Even after we “recover” from COVID-19.

Home Offices Have Changed

office windowNope, definitely no going back! Not only have home offices changed but many have changed their home.

In my case, I’m only a few years from retirement. The real-estate market is nuts and we decided to take the opportunity to move to what we hope is our last home. If you check the photo to the right, you can see I no longer am looking at a concrete jungle. I’m another two hours from my “real” office. Yes, it’s a risk. I now have to return to Toronto one day a week and they are threatening more. I think I’m no different than many that if forced, I will make changes to ensure my health physically and mentally.  There’s no going back.

Not everyone has the space and there are challenges. In my case, we no longer have kids at home. We moved to a three bedroom home and dedicated one to me for my home office and the other spare room had a desk that my wife can use if she chooses with her laptop. 


Technology Improvements

There’s no going back because improvements in technology have made it unnecessary. Many of us are intelligent enough to understand that and have become unwilling to just accept a recall to the old status quo. Zoom and Microsoft Teams have added tools improving the online experience:

  • We can change how we see our virtual world, how we interact
  • What others can and can’t see
  • Improved the demands on our bandwidth

Even bandwidth itself has been improved. Rural communities like here in South River Ontario are finally being provided more equitable access to broadband internet with the addition of high speed satellite and fiber.

Be Thankful There’s No Going Back!

There are and will continue to be challenges as we navigate our new reality.

Barry the boomer!For employers and managers, take the time to understand your supporting actors. You can’t do your job without them. We are an educated society (one more thing to be thankful for) and understand there are solid reasons not to return to the former status quo. That being said, we are also intelligent enough to understand the needs of the business. Include us in the decision making process and be sure to keep your minds open to the pushback that is likely. You may find yourself learning better ways to do business.

For employees, be sure to listen to your managers and employers’ needs for the success of the business. For government types, remember that public service is “the business” of meeting the needs of the public. Not everyone will be happy with what is asked of them and this may well make it necessary to change.

If you can’t change the environment you’re in, change your environment!

Make it a great day,


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for a great job, my home office and the ability to tele-work effectively. What are you thankful for today?

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