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I have to say, the people at Connexus really challenge you to think.

This past Sunday, Kerry discussed Christmas. Rather than carrying on about how wonderful it is to be a Christian and extolling the virtues, he asked the question: What if Christmas hadn’t happened?

I think that was actually a more interesting discussion.

He suggested that to put this into context, imagine that one of your children hadn’t been born. What if your wife or husband had never been born? What would life be like then?

So, I really can’t imagine what this world would be like if Christmas hadn’t happened, nor would I want to!

If you get a chance, go to the Connexus web page and watch some of the videos there. Don’t bother if you don’t have an open mind.

Make it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for the wonderful conversations with my kids this past weekend. I’m thankful for my beautiful grand daughter. I’m thankful for my lovely wife.

What are you thankful for today?

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