Barry’s greatest desire is to connect entrepreneurs to opportunities and resources that will help them achieve their success. It’s up to you to decide what success is for you.


B_HeadI grew up in southern Ontario, Canada in a manufacturing city. Later, I married and moved to Barrie, Ontario just over an hour north. In both cases, manufacturing companies started folding and decent paying jobs were replaced by lower paying retail and support jobs.

My experience is that most people can no longer live on the income from one job. If you want more out of life, you need to take action. What and how is what I hope you can find here.


In recent years, I have started to blog, more for myself than others. This is where I put my thoughts down and that helps me to think through ideas, issues and challenges. It’s my hope that others may be able to contribute feedback and maybe even find the thoughts useful.  >>>Click Here


Business Opportunities

The business opportunities mentioned on this site are MLM or Multi-Level Marketing

Make it a great day!


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