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How often do we pass judgement based on what we see?

I worked with a young mother who was off a couple of days when it was less than convenient. At first blush, I was frustrated because of the work it caused me. Her child was suffering from a bout of bronchitis. It’s not life threatening or contagious. The kid could have been at daycare and she should have been at work. Then I thought about my reaction and put myself in her shoes.

My children are all grown up and I have been through all that stuff and know it’s OK. She hasn’t! These are first experiences for her. I remember my wife having to sit on the porch in mid winter so that my daughter could breathe and I remember how scary that was. Once I put this into perspective, I can totally understand her fear and wanting to be there to care for her child.

I’m glad I could help cover in her absence so that she didn’t have to worry about what was happening at the office. Now I wonder what people used to be thinking when I was worried about my children all those years ago.

All that to say: Don’t judge lest ye be judged!

Make it a great day!

Barry P.S.

What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful I was blessed with four wonderful children. I’m thankful I have survived parenthood so far! I’m thankful that God gave us the ability to think for ourselves even if we don’t always do the best job of that.

What are you thankful for today?

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