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There was a great historical event.

I married the most wonderful woman in the world. My mother was broken hearted when she realized she was in second place!

Denise was a single mother raising two young children when I met her. She is beautiful, vibrant and intelligent and she stole my heart. With Dana and Brett, it was an amazing package deal!

As a couple, we have faced more than many will in a lifetime and we made it. A lot of that is because of the incredible woman she is. There have been some dark times and she managed to focus on the light and keep the whole family together.

I believe the next 21 years will be even more beautiful!

I love you honey,


What am I thankful for today? My sister-in-law convinced me to go an a blind date almost 23 years ago. God blessed us with four wonderful children. My parents set a great example for me to model in my marriage!

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