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My life changed forever.

My son Brett passed away after fighting Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma (Cancer) for almost two years.

Before cancer struck, he was in the best shape of his life. He was on track to become a policeman, a competitive weight lifter (we didn’t know that until after!).  He is the father of a five year old little angel. The last words out of Brett’s mouth were “Amiya, Amiya”.

This took us on a heck of a ride in this experience we call life.

Brett was actually my step son. I hate that term. He was with me since he was two years old. I had met an amazing woman with two great kids. I fell in love with all of them, not just Denise.

In the last days of Brett’s life, the two families shared many tears and became friends through one of the worst times of their lives. Even in death, Brett managed to make good things happen!

He told Denise many times that “life will go on after I’m gone”. We didn’t feel like it at the time but we work at it every day. We have a grand daughter that still needs us and three other wonderful children that are just beginning their adult lives. What an amazing experience to watch your children spread their wings!

Brett would be proud of his siblings!

Scott is “finding himself” through much more positive experiences. He has spent time in Quebec where he learned some French, that was his goal there and is now going to Jasper, Alberta before he goes back to school.

Ashley is out in Calgary again before she goes back to school. I think we’ve lost her to the west!

Dana has moved to Hamilton because she found a teaching job in Burlington. She worked really hard over the last few years and we’re so happy that she found something in her chosen profession. I know she will be one of the “cool” teachers!

Denise is continuing to grow her Pre-Paid Legal business while she works at a Montessori school and manages to be there as always for the rest of us.

Me? Still commuting to Toronto every day but also starting to work on developing a consulting business for small business entrepreneurs. A friend is starting a seminar business aimed at startups and we have discovered that I can contribute by offering services to get their web presence started.

Every day, we still keep waiting for Brett to come around the corner.

Every day we miss him.

Every day we are thankful that we had Brett for 24 years before God took him home.

Every day we thank God for our family and pray that He is watching over Brett until we get there.

In the end, Brett was absolutely right. Life goes on.

But we still miss him!


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