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Be careful what you teach your kids. They just may pay attention!

My youngest left the nest again this morning. Last time he was off to Quebec to learn some French. He discovered it wasn’t what he expected and came back home. We really tried to reinforce that it wasn’t a failure but just an experience.

My son learned from that and now he’s trying again. His goal is to earn a good referral in order to make applications to places internationally so that he can experience the world and gain life skills.

I’m really proud of him! I want him to stay on track as far as education goes but there is something to be said for life experience as well.

We always taught our kids to challenge convention and not accept things at face value. This made for some interesting times with the school system but I have to say, I believe our children will all be leaders. For me, this means that as parents we have achieved a major goal with our children.

Good luck son! I think a lot of us adults could take a lesson from you.

Take a chance. What’s the worst that happens? You lose money? You can lose money and make it back again. Look at “The Donald”.

The old cliche is that you fail your way to the top. You may stumble once in a while but if you don’t try, you can’t succeed!

Go ahead, take a chance.

Have a great day,


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful that I was able to climb the 10 flights of stairs when the elevator didn’t work! I’m thankful there was food in the fridge this morning. I’m thankful that God blessed us with such great kids!

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