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When you’re on the trail on your Skidoo, have your camera ready and pick one lens for the trip.

What Does It Mean To Have Your Camera Ready?

Have your camera ready, not in a bag!

Photo of freshly groomed snowmobile trail.The last couple years, I have been back on the trails on my Skidoo in the winter. The mistake I made was carrying my camera in a bag with lenses in a bag in the carrier. I thought that was fine and keeping my camera a little safer from the elements. Until a couple days ago. When I saw a moose on the trail I had to slow down to avoid as it ran off the trail. Nope. No pictures. Why? Because by the time I stopped the sled, let alone get off, get the bag from the carrier and pull my camera out, I missed the second moose!

Pick The Right Camera And Lens

camera wet with rainNot all cameras are created equal. That’s why I choose Pentax in the first place. Almost all are very rugged and so are their lenses. I never leave home without a camera but I really don’t want to risk my full frame K-1ii without some kind of protection while I’m riding. So, the day after I missed those moose, I decided to go back out but this time, with camera strapped over my shoulder with a weather resistant lens mounted. My K-5iis isn’t as high resolution, it’s 16mp versus the K-1ii’s 36mp. With the HD Pentax-DA 18-135mm ED DC WR mounted, I knew I would be able to get good landscape with some capacity for telephoto if something like that moose came along. Because most of my stuff tends to be a little closer with a focus on landscape. I opted not to go with a 55-300mm because I knew I would want better on the shorter end.

The Right Camera Gets The Shot

Photo of snowmobilers on a trail.The right camera is the one that gets the shot. Even if it’s a phone! Ironically, I keep my cell phone in a breast pocket of my snowsuit. Easy to reach if I remember it’s there but I found the K-5iis over my shoulder faster to get the shots of those sledders. But, when it’s a beautiful sunset and you don’t want to fuss too much, sometimes its easier to use the phone. Mostly because I never let my camera do much automatically. I like to shoot Tav and sometimes, that can take a couple shots to get what I want. And with the phone, I can upload to social media immediately. That helps keep my wife up to date on my movements! Still, shots like those sledders are so much better using the camera.

I Can’t Tell You The Right Camera

The right camera is what you can afford for the job at hand. This isn’t about brand. That’s a personal decision. Most have different ranges of equipment for different jobs.

My camerasDecide your level of risk for your equipment when dealing with a risky venture like out on a Skidoo or out on the water. Your shoulder strap could break or something could hit the body or lens. That’s why I settled on my K-5iis. The K-S1 isn’t weather resistant and can’t take the same “beating”. The K-1ii is a lot more expensive and my risk tolerance is much lower for that one! 

Pick what’s right and you do you!

Make it a great day,


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for all God’s creatures, this beautiful land we live in and people to share it with. What are you thankful for today?

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