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Having good intuition means you have the ability to predict future outcomes. Having the ability to predict the future means you also have the ability to listen effectively.

Intuition = Listening

sound-159915_1280Develop your intuition by learning to listen before you speak. When you listen carefully, that person will tell you what they need from you and you will appear to be a mind reader when you respond. Would you consider it paranormal activity when all you did was listen to their needs before responding?

Rather than trying to force your product or service on someone because you see a need, listen and learn about their particular situation first. If there is truly a fit, you will be a hero when you share what you have to offer in response to something they said. They will believe that you magically appeared out of nowhere with a solution for their problem.

How did you know you had the solution? Because you let them tell you what their problem was from their own perspective and this opened their minds to receiving a new idea. All you had to do was share your thoughts in response to theirs. The only paranormal activity was keeping your mouth closed at the right time.

Don’t Spill Your Candy 

sweet-peanut-264964_1280A few years ago I did a sales training with Rooney, Earl & Partners called President’s Club. This was based on the Sandler Sales System.  One of the things we talked about was the concept of “spilling your candy in the lobby”. This was in reference to talking yourself out of the sale. By talking too much and not listening, you would spew so much information that the prospect would become confused and not understand how your product or service could solve their problem.

By “spilling your candy”, your prospect had no idea where to start with the information you had just spewed all over them. Take the time to listen to what your prospect needs before trying to offer a solution.

Shut Up And Listen

We often forget that we are always selling. Sometimes a product or service, sometimes an idea.

Practice the art of silence.I remember a sales meeting when a co-worker wanted us to consider offering a new service. He spent a couple of minutes gushing and the owner of the company stopped him. The owner said “stop, you won”! That salesman had become so caught up in convincing us that he missed the fact he already made his point and we agreed. He had stopped listening.

Sales Intuition Is The Art of Listening

Sales intuition isn’t a paranormal activity. Anyone can develop sales intuition, that “sixth sense”. Take the time to listen to your prospect’s needs and understand what will solve their problem. Once you have heard them, just show them your solution. Either they will get it, or not. Next!!

Make it a great day,


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for Tim Rooney. I’m thankful for the ears God gave me. I’m thankful you took the time to listen.

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