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Jul 08

Sales isn’t for everyone but is it for you?

We often hear people with MLM opportunities say “anyone can do sales”. Bull roar! Sales isn’t for everyone but is it for you? What is “Sales”? Believe it or not, those MLM folks are partly right about sales. We all sell every day. Wife convinces husband to watch a favourite show. Child convinces a parent …

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Mar 10

Sales and Service: Land of Promises and Land of Broken Promises!

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Sales people are forever making promises and service people always let them down. We need to remember how much we need each other or we will all go broke! Sales: The Land of Promises Have you ever worked in sales and had to work with the service department to keep customers satisfied with your post-sales …

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Apr 10

Is Sales Intuition A Paranormal Activity?


Having good intuition means you have the ability to predict future outcomes. Having the ability to predict the future means you also have the ability to listen effectively. Intuition = Listening Develop your intuition by learning to listen before you speak. When you listen carefully, that person will tell you what they need from you …

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Jan 26

How do you find your happy place?

Finding your happy place on demand is something that needs to be learned to be successful in sales and life in general. For some, it’s playing a favourite song. Others go for a walk or drive. We were talking with friends recently and one mentioned he used to like going for long drives. I remember …

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