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I often hear the phrase “it’s all about the politics” when talking about government policy for things like COVID-19 restrictions. Those people are absolutely right! It IS all about the politics.


Why Is It All About The Politics?

Politicians are elected to represent the populace. Yes, that’s us regular people. Don’t you find yourself sometimes wondering who elected them? Oh wait, that would be us. We elected them to represent us in government policy making decisions. We pay them well to do that job for us.

We expect politicians decisions to be a reflection of our own ideology and feelings. Be careful there, they should reflect the majority, not necessarily my opinion but the sum of the average of all! Politicians have to set their personal thoughts aside during this decision making process and ensure all our voices are heard. The time those voices are loudest are during election periods. Yes, it’s all about the politics.

Voices In Politics

Voices in politics are important. Of course, the most important time is during an election. This is why it’s so important to vote! This is when we follow the news a little more closely and take the opportunity to meet those who represent our views during the policy making process. 

survey meterPoliticians count on civil servants and political staff to keep in touch with constituents on a regular basis and have their “finger on the pulse” of public needs, wants and opinions. Some time I’ll have to dig into the difference between those three! Needs and wants are not the same. There are times when I know I wanted something only to realize later it wasn’t what I needed and “the universe (God for me)” had other ideas. Sorry, I’m digressing. The point here is the civil service often works to collect our opinions through things like town hall meetings, online and telephone surveys as well as reaching out through groups and organizations. By refusing to get involved and participating in any of these, we ensure our voice is NOT heard.

So, is it all about the politics? You bet it is. Without our voices, politicians are making blind decisions on what they THINK we think. Of course, our thoughts change over time and the four year political cycle can be an eternity.

The Political Cycle

two arrows making a circlelYes, it’s all about the politics because of the realities of the four year cycle.

If you watch over time, you will see that the first two years of a government mandate is more about building trust. We elected them based on whatever their platform was at the time. We often see implementation within the first two years of at least one or two for their key promises. The next two years are about maintaining that trust. This is why we often see little in the way of major changes that could be more sensitive in nature. This is the period where they are trying to get us to vote for them again. Yep, it’s all about the politics!

Make Your Voice Count

The actions of our politicians are a reflection of the voices they hear. It’s all about the politics. Be sure you make your voice heard:

  • Get out and VOTE!
  • Make yourself aware of current events and speak out about them.
  • Join special interest groups, they are often the loudest voices.
  • Write! Blogs, letters to editors, even letter to ministers.

It’s all about the politics. If you don’t make your voice heard, others will be speaking for you.

Make it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? The freedom to express my opinions, the freedom to vote my conscience, the freedom to disagree! What are you thankful for today?

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