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We took the money and moved to South River, Ontario where the sky is more clear and blue. And, you can see the stars!

South River, Ontario

View of Sunshine Street in South River-Machar, Ontario

We moved from Barrie to South River, Ontario after selling our house during the great COVID-19 pandemic. Made the move May 2021. Friends found it ironic we ended up on Sunshine Street! Apparently they consider us sunny people.

The thought is I’m 5 years from possible retirement and this is the first step. We always intended to minimize any mortgage responsibilities in retirement and the pandemic provided a great opportunity with people trying to escape the big cities. We won’t mention Toronto! It’s not without risk. Logistics as we return to office in Toronto will definitely be interesting!

Embracing The Life

When you make a move like this, you have to accept it’s different than living in the city!

Having moved to South River in “God’s Country”, we are now in the process of making life changes to embrace our new community. At the end of the street above, you cross through the park and there is an entrance to snow mobile trails. You have to pass the rec centre where there are hockey rinks, a pickle ball court (substitute tennis if you want) and a school as well as a lot of open space with what appears to be facilities for equestrian activities. Looking forward to whatever comes our way the next few years!

FireplaceMan in hot tubSnowmobiles on a trailerWoman in a kayakCanoe at docks



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Be Prepared!

Silhouette of scout leaderI made a post on FB a few weeks ago when, on a Friday night, I was pouring a drink and realized there was only one shot left and there were two of us. No problem! LCBO is only about 2 minutes away. It’s only 8pm, should be able to get there in time. Nope! With COVID hours, it closed at 6. Well,  stores in Sundridge are usually open a little later and it’s only 10 minutes. Nope! That closed at 6 too. Oh well, already half way to Burk’s Falls, let’s check there. NOPE!! At least the only Tim Horton’s between Huntsville and North Bay was open. I got a coffee out of the deal! Moral of the story, be prepared when you live in a rural community. Always make sure there is extra milk, butter and bread. And rye and Coke!

Being At Peace

No, not rest in peace! My wife says that since we moved here, I seem much more relaxed and at peace. It’s very true. I love being surrounded by trees without leaving the property and better still, so many places in nature to explore with my cameras! I look forward to even more local excursions. Check out a few photos from local places like Eagle Lake and even Duchesnay Falls in North Bay, only 40 minutes away. And then there is Algonquin Park less than an hour!

Yep! I’m glad I moved to South River, Ontario! Technically, we live in the township of Machar. We have to walk two blocks to be in South River.

Make it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for life, love and happiness! What are you thankful for today?

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