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We all receive information differently and sometimes we forget that.

Each of us usually interprets information using sight, sound or touch.  You may have heard the terms visual, auditory or kinesthetic.  Some of us need to “see” things to understand them.  For example a video or slide show.  Some need to “hear” things.  These people may say something like “that sounds right to me”.  Others  use feeling.  They may say something like “It just don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling”.

When you are dealing with a visual, use words like “picture yourself on a long sandy beach” and if you can, use an actual picture.  Dealing with an auditory you might say something like “can you hear the wind rustling the leaves?  Imagine the sound of the ocean waves as they roll onto the beach”.  With a kinesthetic, you might say something like “imagine feeling the sand between your toes as the waves wash over them on a hot afternoon in Bermuda”.

If you really want someone to be able to make sense of things, make sure you understand what sense they are using and communicate in a way they will accept and understand.

In Unlimited Power, Anthony Robbins spends a fair amount of time on Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).  I highly recommend the read if only just for this section!

Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for the opportunity to support the United Way at work.  I’m thankful for the food on my plate.  I’m thankful for the crisp sunny day!

What are you thankful for today?

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