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There was an article released by Canadian Press on October 25 about what people see that I find hilarious.  It’s also an example of how important it is to understand how everyone filters what they see with their own “lenses”.

You can show hundreds of people the exact same item or picture and get amazingly different descriptions.  Some see sex, others religion and God only knows what else!

Kind of like the glass half full, glass half empty conundrum.  The answer is totally dependent on your view of the world in general.

To go back to the article above, when did we ever become so worried about being so politically correct?  At some point someone needs to stand up and just acknowledge that if that’s what you see, then so be it.  Only you can control what you choose to see.

There is no way you can be responsible for how other people think but if you want a specific result, you may be able be able to influence the outcome by understanding how they process the information they see and hear.

In Unlimited Power, Anthony Robbins explains some tactics you can use to determine how people around you process information.  I highly recommend the read.

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P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful I woke up!  I’m thankful to have warm clothes as the temperature drops.  I’m thankful for such a great family.

What are you thankful for today?

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