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Having a glass of wine with dinner is just so civilized. Buying retail can get a little expensive and it seems that it’s never in the house just when you want a bottle to take to a social gathering. Making your own wine is definitely more economical and you can make it a family affair. Now there is wine in the cellar when I want it. I don’t know why we didn’t do this years ago!

5 Reasons For Making Wine

  • May save money. (Not if you start drinking more wine.)
  • More likely to have wine on hand when you want/need it. (Unless you start drinking more wine!)
  • Great joint activity to share with someone special. (Then you can share the wine.)
  • Product can be used as thank you gifts for clients and prospects.
  • Product can be used as a promotional tool.

Our New Wine Making Place

Vin de GarageIn the old days, you had to get grapes and make the juice yourself before making wine. Now, you can buy the juice and go to a self service place like Vin de Garage in Barrie, Ontario where you can leave the juice to ferment and go back when it’s ready for bottling. All in all, a couple hours of your time and effort. We met Doug and Deborah and they were so helpful that the process was a lot of fun.

During the process, we decided that this would be a great team building and promotional opportunity. You can design a label for your wine to use for gifts to clients and prospects with your contact information. The wine becomes a conversation piece and puts you and your business front and centre.

Make It A Family Affair

Corking bottles.We are at that stage in our lives that all of our children are adult. My son asked us a couple of months ago how we would feel about him paying to make wine. He came with us for the bottling process as a “bonding” experience. In the end, he actually enjoyed spending time with Mom and Dad. This was a gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s day. He’s a great kid! No doubt he knows he will benefit as well.

Corking bottles 2My wife Denise enjoyed this the most. You know how mothers are about spending time with their children, especially if they come voluntarily! Our children are spread across the country, literally. We have to accept whatever time they are willing to give. I’m really thankful our son felt we deserved his time.

In Summary

Whether you are looking for a way to save money, promote your business or just a different way to spend quality time with someone, I highly recommend a visit to your local wine making supply depot to start making your own wine! I thank my son for introducing us to Vin de Garage in Barrie. They are located at 55 Collier St. in Barrie, Ontario. They are hidden down the alley behind the sushi place! Contact them at 705.730.0160 or E

Make it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for grapes from Chile. I’m thankful for Scott Clermont. I’m thankful for any time with any of my children.

What are you thankful for today?

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