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My friend Paul Nix , a consultant with Investors Group, invited me to a seminar last night on Market Insights by Bill Chornous.

The subject was Market Insights but the discussion could just as well have been about life in general. Bill pointed out how we all react to historical events and make decisions about the future based on history. The fact is that because something happened before doesn’t mean it will happen again. By the same token, it doesn’t mean that it won’t. He emphasized that there is constant “noise” in the market place and the key to investment success is to stop focussing on return and instead focus on risk. Make intelligent risk decisions and you will achieve returns that you can be comfortable with.

Isn’t life much the same?

Are you considering starting a business, or any new venture for that matter; are you prepared to pay the price? What are you willing to do or what are you willing to pay to get what you want?

If your Investors Group consultant ever invites you to hear Bill Chornous speak, take him/her up on the opportunity. That’s a good investment!

Have a great day!


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful that my friends think enough of me to include me in their activities. I’m thankful for a wonderful wife who supports me in my efforts to achieve success. I’m thankful God gave us such an interesting world!

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