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I worked with an annoying Scotsman years ago that said: “Aaccch Pal, never assume lad, it makes and ass out of u and me”.

As much as Don annoyed me as a teenager, he was a bright guy!

How often do we hear something from someone that turns out to have been taken out of context. We then take the information we have at hand and make a decision or take an action based on that.

A few mistakes here that I can see. Who is telling you what? What happened in their day that may have coloured their vision of what happened? Why are you even taking in second hand information? What purpose does that serve?

Many times, by the time we face the person that we think offended us, things have been blown way out of proportion. Sometimes you can step back and recover. But, sometimes you can’t.

My point here is to make sure that you always investigate second hand information before ever making a statement or even allowing yourself to be angry and frustrated. That may turn out to be a collosal waste of energy and, I don’t know about you, but I find anger very tiring!

Even if it turns out to be true, is it really that bad? Even if it is true, there is way less energy required to have one difficult conversation and then forgive and move on than it takes to stay angry. Notice I didn’t say forget. Sometimes that takes some time and there may be a lesson worth remembering.

Always move on! There’s usually something wonderful just around the corner if you keep going. If you don’t, you’ll never experience some of the greatest joys in life.

Keep your head up. Keep your stick on the ice and if you can’t score, pass!

Have a great day,


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful I have a home to return to after a day’s work. I’m thankful for a place to go to work! I’m thankful to God for each day in my life.

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