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Isn’t it interesting talking to young people?!

We were talking with my 26 year old teacher daughter yesterday and the discussion turned to why Walt Disney and his movies are racist, sexist and violent. Wow! Did that ever burst my bubble! The reality is she presented a good argument.

Where I saw harmless fun and humour, she saw children being taught that it is OK to sexually harass a woman as evidenced by the candle stick and the dust pan in Beauty And The Beast. When I brought up Song of The South, one of my all time favourites, she reminded that the only black people in the movie were enslaved. Ouch!

Where she sees racism and violence, I see the opportunity to teach children. The Disney movies may present some very negative stereo types but I believe that instead of changing history, use it to make sure it doesn’t happen again or to reinforce the great stuff.

In The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson talks about how it’s interesting that when you go back to a book, it’s like someone rewrote the pages. We read and then go and attempt to put what we learned into practice. Then when we go back to the book, it seems changed when, in fact, it’s us that changed.

I guess I have two points to make here. First, you can’t change history but you can certainly learn from it. When you revisit history, your perception has changed and you may be able to come up with amazing new ideas. Secondly, your own perception is constantly changing so how can you expect everyone else to see things the same way you do. They may want to see your point but sometimes you have to help them understand because they are looking through different lenses.

Be open to new ideas and this life can be an amazing experience! Even with the bad stuff.

Have a great day!


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful that man discovered fire (We can cook, clean, heat and light with it!). I’m thankful I live in a country where we can freely express our ideas. I’m thankful for my Grandmother who is one of the reasons I am alive today (She had my father!)

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