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While visiting Oklahoma City recently, we became aware of Pokémon Go

Pokémon People

Bricktown CanalWalking along the Bricktown Canal, we noticed a lot of people staring at their cell phones. Many were in groups. At first, I thought how sad is that. All these people walking around ignoring each other. Then, I remembered reading about this new phenomenon, Pokémon Go

We overheard a woman near our age saying something about Pokémon Go, so we asked her, “what’s with this craze?”. She proceeded to tell us a little about how the app works and that her and her husband had been out walking more in the preceding couple of days than they had in months. Let’s see, husband and wife working toward a common goal and getting exercise. Communicating to find whatever it is they need to find and working together to protect a gym? Whatever. They were together doing something they could both enjoy and getting fresh air and exercise!

Now that we are back at home, I’m starting to see evidence of this addiction everywhere! For example, I picked my daughter up at the bus terminal in Barrie, Ontario and on the way home I noticed at least a couple hundred people gathered on two corners by the MacLaren Art Centre. I mentioned it to my son who advised me that corner is a hot spot and they weren’t “kids”, there were adults in at least their thirties that night. He also says you can buy lures?! I have a lot to learn.

Pokémon Etiquette

I would have to say that there is quickly becoming a need for Pokémon Go etiquette. People are trespassing to collect whatever it is they collect and the large crowds can be intimidating. Is there somewhere that people can find guidelines? Here are a few:

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Go craze? Is it a fad? Is it healthy?

Use the comments to let me know what you think!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for beautiful areas to walk, for people to talk to and I’m thankful for time with my wife.

What are you thankful for today?

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