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Fair, Firm and Friendly. Are we forgetting the three F’s?

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When I first went into management, my manager at the time gave me a piece of advice I never forgot. He said “always remember The Three F’s: Fair, Firm and Friendly. In that order. Fair, Firm and Friendly This approach really applies to all areas in life. Whether dealing with a partner, children or staff, …

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Pokémon Go – What’s with this thing?

Bricktown Canal

While visiting Oklahoma City recently, we became aware of Pokémon Go.  Pokémon People Walking along the Bricktown Canal, we noticed a lot of people staring at their cell phones. Many were in groups. At first, I thought how sad is that. All these people walking around ignoring each other. Then, I remembered reading about this new …

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Relationships and Communication: Make It Safe.

In order to have good communication in relationships, you need to create a safe environment where all are comfortable enough to be honest and speak their minds without fear of repercussion. Relationships We have many different relationships: Family Friends Romance Business Work Whether we like it or not, relationships require work. Each has a different dynamic. …

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It’s Just A Word! Except, it’s not.

Just words.

It’s NOT just a word!!!! What’s in a word? Consider these two sentences: I could kill you right now.  I’m really frustrated with you right now.  Some would say they mean the same thing. No they don’t. Say the words and really think about how they make you feel.  Your rational mind will tell you they mean …

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Net Geners Have Grown Up Digital. Do You Hear Them?


Net Geners communicate differently than previous generations and are today’s parents. They don’t use phones and television the way we used to. Get with “The Program”! The Net Generation Did you know that there are now more Net Geners than Baby Boomers? The Net Geners, Grown Up Digital generation, have never experienced dial up internet …

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Net Geners, Living Life 15 Minutes At A Time

The TV Generation: Switch off; I receive; Couch potato; Helpless; Monoculture; United. The Net Generation: Switch on; I send & receive; Subway surfer; Powerful; Multi-culture; Fragmented

Net Geners have Grown Up Digital and are living life 15 minutes at a time. Is your message getting across? This generation literally thinks differently than previous generations. Learn how to communicate with them. Grown Up Digital Don Tapscott released Grown Up Digital in 2008. I read this book in 2015 and find it totally …

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Does your messaging resonate with the past or the future?

Do you hear what I hear?

Who is your target audience? Make sure your messaging resonates in a way they can and are willing to share. Sitting in on a webinar/teleconference today, I realized all of a sudden that the messaging seemed stuck in the past, all while discussing the leaders of the future. This blog is my way of trying to …

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Wasting time. What does that mean, really?

You are not wasting your time when you spend it wisely.  Even when you do it slowly. I have to thank my friend Dave Korotkov for posting a TED Talk by Carl Honore entitled “In Praise of Slowness”.  This is a great talk about the importance of slowing down to get more out of life.  Yes, …

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“That’s a no brainer!” (Did you just call me stupid?)

What an offensive statement!  “That’s a no-brainer!” is no different than telling someone who disagrees with you, that they are stupid.  There are more intelligent ways to say that a thought or idea is considered intelligent by others.  Think very carefully before using these kinds of statements.  In case you’re wondering why this rant, I was …

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Do you hear what I hear?

Probably not. What did you hear? We were at Connexus yesterday and the minister was speaking about “serving”. He made references to servant leadership. His best example was Jesus Christ. There was no greater servant leader. I found it very interesting when we visited friends after church and the discussion about the message came up. …

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