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Is it really spring in Canada? Canadians just love to complain about the weather but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

Spring in Canada

Spring April 15, 2018I love having four seasons but some days….

It’s Sunday, April 15, 2018 in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. This weather has been virtually non-stop for two days. On Friday, the ground was bare and I was picking up extension cords and Christmas lights to put away. You will see that I brought out the table we use in nice weather when sitting out with a glass of wine (or maybe a cold beer on a hot day!). I’m really glad I didn’t go and bring down the lawn chairs.

The first day of spring was officially March 20, 2018. Many are usually starting to think about planning their gardens. Not in Barrie!!! We wouldn’t usually consider planting before June 1 because there is still risk of frost.

We currently have a student from Egypt with us. He was talking about spring and my wife told him not really, there was still at least one storm to come. As you can see, she was right!

Canadians Love to Complain!

Canadian FlagWe are known around the world as polite people. I sort of agree but I have to admit, we are chronic complainers!

We have four seasons, the problem is one seems to be nine months long and the other three seasons are not predictable. Summer is anywhere from 4-8 weeks regardless of what the calendar tells you! It’s funny, that nine months really is like a pregnancy. After all that time, it’s really exciting when the weather (water?) finally breaks. That baby finally arrives and before too long, it’s matured. Here comes winter again!

I’ll bet you there are a lot babies conceived in Canada during the winter months.

Summer in God’s Country!

Barrie yacht clubBarrie, Ontario is one of the greatest places in Canada to live. During the winter, there are at least four ski resorts within forty minutes. In summer, there is a beautiful lake front right here and many more just a short drive away. We just have to get through the spring to get there!

I’m not complaining but I’m Canadian eh!

Then fall and soon enough back to winter.

Four Seasons

Barry and Denise Clermont Fall 2017When we moved to Barrie, it was November and getting cold. The snow hit shortly after we moved here and we made a decision to embrace the weather, including winter. We learned how to ski so we could spend time with our kids on the hills rather than becoming mall rats. We love to camp and hike in the warmer weather and I have a great time with my camera in the fall when Ontario is a beautiful tapestry of colours.

Canada is a country of four seasons. Come visit!

Make it a great day,


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for this great country, my wife and my family. What are you thankful for today?

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