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Don’t you wish someone had told you about some of the personal development stuff you have learned as an adult? I know, I’m still working on that too!

Success For Teens was written by Jeff Olson. We have met Jeff a few times over the last few years through our business and are throughly impressed with his passion and his energy. He wrote The Slight Edge a few years ago and has just updated this past year. I highly recommend the books.

One of the goals of Jeff and his partners is to get the Success For Teens into the hands of as many kids as possible. We would like to be a part of that.

Having raised four children ourselves, we understand the challenges of parenting teens. Have you ever noticed that you try to deliver a message to them and they just won’t hear it? Then you are at a friend’s house and your friend says the same thing and all of a sudden, it’s a brilliant idea!

Let us be that friend for you. If you are part of a youth organization that you think would like to help spread this message, contact Denise to inquire about the Success Foundation and how we can help.

Have a great day!


What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful we met Jeff Olson. I’m thankful we are alive today! I thank God for the strength he gives us every day.

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