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Blogging: Short Essays, Down and Dirty!

Blogging – Keep It Simple Have you ever thought about blogging and just found it so intimidating? Stop! It doesn’t have to be.Blogging can be really easy, it’s just writing short essays. I never realized at the time that my grade 13 English teacher was preparing me to be a blogger. We had to write …

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Labels and words: The words you use matter.


Your words end up being used as labels. Be careful how you mean what you say. Words What people mean with their words may be much different than how they are interpreted. An article written by The Eyeopener about Ryerson’s “dropouts” is a great example. When a student makes a decision to change direction, take …

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It’s Just A Word! Except, it’s not.

Just words.

It’s NOT just a word!!!! What’s in a word? Consider these two sentences: I could kill you right now.  I’m really frustrated with you right now.  Some would say they mean the same thing. No they don’t. Say the words and really think about how they make you feel.  Your rational mind will tell you they mean …

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“That’s a no brainer!” (Did you just call me stupid?)

What an offensive statement!  “That’s a no-brainer!” is no different than telling someone who disagrees with you, that they are stupid.  There are more intelligent ways to say that a thought or idea is considered intelligent by others.  Think very carefully before using these kinds of statements.  In case you’re wondering why this rant, I was …

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