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man-announce-02What an offensive statement!  “That’s a no-brainer!” is no different than telling someone who disagrees with you, that they are stupid.  There are more intelligent ways to say that a thought or idea is considered intelligent by others.  Think very carefully before using these kinds of statements.  In case you’re wondering why this rant, I was sitting having coffee at Tim Horton’s recently and heard a comment on the radio using that statement.  I reacted so negatively that I can’t even remember the subject!

What does “no-brainer” mean?

No-brainer” is a way to indicate that the idea you are presenting shouldn’t require any thought to understand.

Every time I hear this phrase I picture someone removing a person’s brain and then I wonder how that is a good statement to make.  First, the person would die.  Secondly, getting past that, how would the person have any thoughts at all?  There is no way they could understand anything and they would be like zombies wandering aimlessly.

What are you telling someone?

WisdomFor an egomaniac, they likely wouldn’t care what you think.  For the rest of us, the term “no-brainer” has crept into every day language and I’m not sure most would even consider how much they just insulted you.  When you use the term “no-brainer”, you are telling others that you are smarter than they are.  You expect them to agree with you without considering that your comment may not make sense when they apply their filters.  Is that your goal?

Consider something like “Would you agree that this idea makes sense?”, now you are asking an opinion that could lead to further questions that will help clarify your idea.  Stop telling.  Win my agreement.

When someone tries to force their opinion on you by being condescending, it’s human nature to resist and pull away.  I don’t know about you but when I’m trying to get agreement, I’m hoping to draw the person nearer to my position.

Your filters may not be my filters!

We all come from different backgrounds.  Over the years, we learn many different things and have so many experiences that we start to apply filters.

Years ago, I had an uncle pass away at a young age, just around the time I married and we had two young children.  I remember saying at the time that no parent should have to go through that.  Before my son passed away, I had sympathy for others but not the same empathy.

You can bet that I had a new filter.  You can never totally understand someone else’s situation, each is unique.  When you have had similar experiences to others, you apply your filters differently.

Keep differences in mind when you are communicating with people and please, don’t tell me I don’t have a brain!

Make it a great day,


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for all of life’s experiences, even the tough ones.  I’m thankful for each new day.  I’m thankful for opportunity.

What are you thankful for today?


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