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How we react to #COVID19 matters, it’s what people will remember. How do you want to be remembered?

Being Remembered After COVID-19

Fighting COVID-19

SoldiersCOVID-19 is a killer. Maybe not as bad as Hitler but I believe we need those same kind of heroes that defeated him to stand up today. There will be those who will keep their heads in the sand as deniers and not be willing to do their part to fight this evil opponent. As a result, this virus will continue to spread and become more entrenched in our society. We need people to fight back just as my grandfather who was an American in Canada that chose to serve with the Canadian RCAF. The sooner people are more actively resisting this enemy, the sooner it will be defeated.

hand sanitizerI enjoy social interaction as much as the next person. Thank God I actually enjoy my wife and we are blessed with wonderful student boarders who are showing grace under pressure. As a group, we are being responsible and keeping distance from anyone outside the home. My wife and I will go to the lakeshore for walks together but mostly avoid spending time with other people. I think the boys are doing much the same. We are definitely all practicing good hygiene habits, soap and water before and after eating, entering or leaving the house.  You may laugh at this but there is even a bottle of hand sanitizer taped to the post inside the front door and everyone is expected to use when coming in from being out.

All that to say I challenge you to join forces and do your part to fight this.

How Do You Want To Be Remembered

It’s my belief COVID-19 will be talked about for generations to come. Just as I taught my kids about my grandfathers fighting to protect our freedom, they will be teaching their kids about how we pulled together as a society to make everlasting changes to make sure nothing like this happens again or if it does, that we are prepared to fight.

Woman choosing directions.We make a choice when we get out of bed every day that will affect not only the day but the direction our lives take. We can choose to get angry about everything that goes wrong or to be happy about new opportunities and think forward to positive change when we get through this. Remember when you are on social media or talking to others that the words you use matter.

When you are posting on social media, you are creating a permanent record that will likely still be searchable long after we leave this earth. Even when you delete things, Google often shows cached files. It’s never really gone. 

Lest We Forget

There will be those who are offended at using the words “Lest We Forget” but I”m trying to make a couple of points with this. First, don’t think when we get past COVID-19 that the fight is over. There will be lessons learned that will need to be remembered to make sure this never happens to this degree again. The other thing to remember is that you will be remembered! How do you want that to look? Are you the person who was supportive, provided a shoulder to lean on and did their part to protect their family and friends or will you be that person who was greedy, selfish and ignorant of the consequences of not fighting?

Don’t hoard the toilet paper! Help your neighbours if they need it. Do what you can to keep yourself and your family safe. Fight this virus, not your neighbours.

Make it a great day,


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for my family and friends, cell phones and internet. What are you thankful for today?


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