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Video on social media is really easy these days but who really controls it? Think about the answer to this question before you decide who you are giving over control to. 

Video on Social Media

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Social media channels make recording video really easy, especially live. Because you can land yourself in social media “jail”, you need to control your content.  If someone else locks you out and you don’t have any other copies, the pain is excruciating! Be sure you have control over your creations. 

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes like to re-purpose some of my video rather than recreating something I have already done. That means I need an archive I can control and get to later.

Consider your needs before giving your content away!

How Do You Use Video?

There are many purposes to video:

  1. Doing live conversations or presentations;
  2. Sending messages in email;
  3. Recording special training sessions;
  4. Doing webinars that you want to archive.

The four bullets above are examples of how I use video on social media. When deciding on the recording method to use, if I don’t care if I ever lose the video, I will create and/or upload to my Facebook or Youtube account. But, if I don’t want the risk of losing my creative work, I use the GVO Easy Video. Consider whether you are recording for archival purposes or social media and what your long term needs are. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one place and tool, where you actually control ownership and distribution of the video? 

Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) Easy Video

GVO’s Easy Video is available through a couple of suites of tools that are economical and include other marketing tools that exceed the value of the video product itself. I use a combination of two packages because I create and host multiple sites and blogs. For most, the Pure Leverage suite is quite sufficient if you just need a single blog/site for you or your business. Therefore, the Global Virtual Opportunities Titanium Suite is the one I use for the multiple sites.

Below this text is a video I have created using GVO’s Easy Video. I have inserted the video using the MP4 link within the WordPress editor. Literally just click “Insert Media” and paste the link to the video and, voila, you see result below!

Domain Hosting and Video Storage

Click here to learn more about products including domain hosting.

By hosting my own website and using the GVO Easy Video, I can now share a link to this blog post.  This way, when one social media site sees the link, they don’t have a connection to a direct competitor that they will either remove or push the post so far down, hardly anyone sees it. I tested sharing a link to this video on my main social media site and so far, anyone seems to be able to view the video and it hasn’t been blocked.

Global Virtual Opportunities makes hosting, production and storage easy. Before deciding on a particular tool, consider the GVO or Pure Leverage suite of tools. You can’t have just one product but the suite is more economical than any of the tools elsewhere!

If you want to learn more about GVO and the various solutions, please make sure you contact me through the contact tab on my home page.

Make it a great day!


P.S. I always end my blogs with three things I am thankful for today. I’m thankful for pets, people and porridge! What are you thankful for today?

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